Tag Update

DBR has started issuing tags to patients and caregivers. There have been glitches on the DBR website that have caused delays but DBR assures us that they will all get resolved. They are getting flooded with calls and are unable to get to all of them so don’t be surprised if you call but don’t get through. You are likely to get a faster result if you go to your email and send DBR a message at this address:   DBR.MMPCompliance@dbr.ri.gov

DBR has assured us, once again, that no one will be penalized for not having tags by April 1, as long as they have put their order in for tags.



Plant Tags – Don’t Panic

All licensed caregivers and patients are required to have tags on their plants by April 1.   So, if you have entered your info on the DBR website but have not heard anything, you are not alone. Do not panic. No one has tags or even hear back from DBR about how to pay for their tags. We are waiting for an official statement from DBR that will put patients and caregivers at ease.  We have received many inquiries from cardholders who are experiencing anxiety about the tags. Today is the 22nd so it doesn’t seem possible that all cardholders who applied will actually have their tags by April 1. It is not the fault of patients and caregivers that the tag program is experiencing delays.

To be compliant with the law, if you have not already ordered your tags, you should do so as soon as possible. Go to: http://www.dbr.state.ri.us/divisions/medicalmarijuana/index.php#medtags.  Again, if patients and caregivers are following the DBR instructions,  delays in the distribution of the tags are not their fault.  But it is important, to avoid problems, that patients and caregivers do what we need to do to comply.

Cranston Considering Zoning for Cultivator Licenses

Cranston is considering zoning requirements for Cultivator Licenses. A proposal is on the agenda for this Monday night’s  City Council Meeting, February 27 at 7pm. To view the proposed ordinance click:  http://web.cranstonri.org/clerkdocs/2017Ordinances/Proposed/1-17-09LicensedCultivator.pdf (if link is not working, please copy and paste into your browser). To view the Monday night agenda click:   http://sos.ri.gov/documents/publicinfo/omdocs/notices/4182/2017/212385.pdf12385.pdf (if link is not working, please copy and paste into your browser)

North Kingstown Considering Inspecting All Patient and Caregiver Grows – Meeting Tonight

A proposal before the North Kingstown Planning Commission would require inspections of all grows by the fire chief. Patients would be restricted to growing only in their residence in residential areas. Patients and caregivers would be prohibited from using any solvent for extractions. Landlords would have to provide notarized written approval that would be submitted to the town. All co-ops, compassion centers would be prohibited. Cultivator licenses would be permitted in certain areas with special permit from town.  The proposal is being discussed tonight Tuesday 2/21/17 at the Municipal Offices Court Room 100 Fairway Drive, North Kingstown. 7:30pm. Open to the public.


Due to snowstorm tonight, Tuesday January 31, we are canceling the Johnston meeting which takes place on the last Tuesday of the month. The  next  meeting will be on Monday February 6 at the Bell Street Chapel , 3 Bell Street in Providence at 7pm.  All are welcome. this is a great opportunity to get answers to your questions about the  MMj program.