No changes in law for MMj Plants

The RI budget became law without any of the proposed changes to plant counts or caregiver laws and regulations.  There will also NOT be an expansion in the number of compassion centers. The existing centers will each be paying an annual licensing fee of 250,000 dollars. That is an increase of 245,000 dollars a year.


Growers Can Now Order Plant Tag Certificates

 If you are a patient or caregiver who is growing, you should have received a notice from DBR by now instructing  you how to use the new certification system. You can now order or renew, update your grow address and print a Plant Tag Certificate which will reflect the number of plant tags you are legally entitled to.  Instead of having to pick up the actual tags at DBR, you print the certificate yourself. State law requires that all plants have tags.  DBR is issuing the certifications instead of the actual tags.  Patients who qualify for a reduced patient registration fee, and their caregivers, will not be charged any tag fees.  Otherwise, the fees have not changed. It is still 25 dollars per plant set (one seedling and one mature plant)

If your tags have expired, order your plant tag certificate immediately in order to be compliant with the law.  Otherwise, you can renew your tag certificate up to 30 days before the expiration date of your current tags.

The new system is intended to alleviate some of the problems with the current system and make it easier for patients and caregivers. Some of the features:

  • You can now print your own plant tag certificate and use it immediately after your order is completed.
  • You no longer have to wait for the actual tags to be created and issued or go to DBR  to pick them up.
  • You can change  your grow address on line and immediately print and use your new plant tag certificate for new grow location.
  • If your tag certificate is ever lost, stolen, or damaged you can print a replacement certificate at your convenience.
  • Patients and caregivers who have not yet received previously ordered plant tags can now print their plant tag certificate immediately.

You can log in:

If you have problems with ordering or with the DBR website contact or call (800) 432-7992

Plant Tags – Not Ready Yet

If you are concerned that your plant tags are about to expire or that they have already expired, there’s nothing you can do about it until the DBR’s new system is ready. It is not ready but may be in the next few days.  DBR will send out emails to patients and caregivers with instructions when it is ready. In the meanwhile, you cannot successfully  renew on line.

DBR assures us that if they receive a call from law enforcement because a grower’s tags have expired prior to implementation of the new system, DBR will tell law enforcement that the patient or caregiver grower is in compliance.

New Info About Plant Tags

DBR is going to simplify the process. Patient and caregiver growers should receive an email from DBR tomorrow explaining the new process. You will no longer have to go to DBR to pick up the tags. You will be able to download a certificate after you make payment on line. The certificate will state how many plants you are allowed. The certificate is all you will need.

House Finance Committee Hearing Tomorrow, 3/20/18

There will be a hearing on Article 17 of the Governor’s budget tomorrow starting at about 4:30 at the State House before the House Finance Committee in room 35. Article 17 would reduce the plant count from 12/12 to 8/8, allow patients to access MMj Program for short-term acute conditions for 6 months, prohibit MA and CT physicians from signing patients into Program, require caregivers to justify having more than one patient, increase the number of compassion centers to 15, require patients who grow to show “necessity”if they have a caregiver, create a new class of manufacturers licenses which would allow the creation of MMj products for sale (edibles, topicals, etc)  to compassion centers. To read Article 17 click here: