Tonight’s South County meeting cancelled

South county patient meeting is cancelled due to weather.  This meeting is on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at Charlestown Cross Mills Library at 7pm.


House Finance Committee Hearing Tomorrow, 3/20/18

There will be a hearing on Article 17 of the Governor’s budget tomorrow starting at about 4:30 at the State House before the House Finance Committee in room 35. Article 17 would reduce the plant count from 12/12 to 8/8, allow patients to access MMj Program for short-term acute conditions for 6 months, prohibit MA and CT physicians from signing patients into Program, require caregivers to justify having more than one patient, increase the number of compassion centers to 15, require patients who grow to show “necessity”if they have a caregiver, create a new class of manufacturers licenses which would allow the creation of MMj products for sale (edibles, topicals, etc)  to compassion centers. To read Article 17 click here:

Senate Hearing Today on Gov’s Budget

HEARING TODAY on GOVERNOR’S BUDGET in the Senate Lounge at the State House. The budget, Article 17 would reduce plant count from 12 to 8, require patients who grow to justify having a caregiver, eliminate the ability to gift to other patients, prohibit MA and CT doctors from signing patient applications,raise possession amount to 3 ounces,and more. Please know that the cultivators association, RI Cannabis Association is reported to be lobbying to eliminate caregivers and reduce plant counts. If having a caregiver is important to you, this would be a good time to let your state Senator know. For info on your state senator:

To read the Article  17: