RIPAC Grow Classes are a fraction of the cost of other classes in New England. We  make these classes as accessible as we possibly can to patients and their caregivers who take the classes for all the right reasons.  Our classes are exclusive.  We will not teach you to grow unless you are legal to grow.  We are committed to preserving the integrity of the MMj Program, so you must be a licensed patient or caregiver. This class is not about growing “weed” or “pot”.  It is about growing medicine for qualified patients. Whether you are new to the MMj Program and have never seen a plant or whether you have some experience, please join us.  You will be glad you did. Mike, our instructor, is the best. Not only is he an amazing grower, he has taught some of the best cultivators in RI.  Here’s a sample:

“These are really great classes. Now I can grow what I need and I know what I’m doing” patient from Coventry.

“Mike has a great way of explaining things. He knows everything,” patient from Warwick.

February 21      Introduction.  Grow room set up, environment

February 28      Selection of containers, mediums, nutrients, water & ph requirements

March 7              Seed germination, transplanting seedlings, cloning, transplanting clones

March  14          Pests and diseases, prevention, treatment of infected plants

March 21           Vegetative growth, vegetative nutrients, transplanting, topping & training

March 28           Flowering cycle, flowering nutrients, patience

April 4               Harvest, drying, curing

April 11            Making concentrates & edibles safely (no potentially hazardous gases) and legally – bubble hash (made with ice), butter & tinctures.   

 Current MMj license must be brought to each class with 25 dollar donation. We suggest registering for all 8 classes but you are welcome to sign up for individual classes.

 Contact with questions or to register. You can also register at Growin’Crazy Grow Shop  (401) 284-0810.  Located at 93 Kingstown Rd. Wyoming RI. Take 95 South to exit 3A.  Follow 138E for one mile. Growin’ Crazy is on your right.  

Massachusetts patients are also welcome.



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