Governor’s budget would add 12 compassion centers, decrease plant count, add acute pain as qualifying condition….

Here are most of the proposed changes in the Governor’s budget for the MMj Progam. If  the budget passes in its current form, we would see the following:  increase in the number of compassion centers by adding 12 retail outlets, decrease in plant count from 12/12 to 8/8 for patients and caregivers with one patient (16/16 for caregivers with 2-5 patients), increase patient possession limit from 2.5 ounces to 3 ounces ( caregivers with one patient would also increase to 3 ounces, caregivers with 2-5 patients would increase to 6 ounces), add acute pain to list of qualifying conditions with 6 month limitation (could use compassion centers, could not grow or appoint caregiver), caregivers with more than one patient would have to show patient “necessity” to be delineated in future DBR regulations (unless family member), patients who are growing would have to justify the appointment of a caregiver (details would be in regulations), protections for cardholders to gift to other cardholders would be prohibited, marijuana “emporiums” would be prohibited, a new category of “manufacturers” who could purchase from cultivators to create cannabis products (edibles, topical, etc) to sell to compassion centers, prohibit MA and CT physicians from signing patient applications, and MA and CT patients would be able to use RI dispensaries. There will be public hearings on the proposed changes at a later date to be announced. The Governor’s budget is House Bill 7200, the MMj changes are contained in article 17 which starts on the bottom of page 345.