RIPAC in Court vs. Smithfield

RIPAC and two Smithfield patients and the ACLU sued Smithfield over the town’s MMj ordinance. The ordinance prohibits caregivers from growing in the town, reduces patient plant count to two mature and two seedlings, requires town inspections of those patient grows, prohibits co-ops, compassion centers,  and cultivators. The hearing before Judge Licht took place yesterday. Judge Licht asked the town’s attorney many of the same kinds of questions that so many of you have you asked: Will they also have an ordinance for people who grow tomatoes? Will they try to regulate other types and amounts of medications that Smithfield residents can use in Smithfield? As our attorney, John Meara  said: “It’s the town assuming the role of physician and usurping the authority the state statute gives the department of business regulation and department of health, and reaching into the medicine cabinets of the citizens of Smithfield and preventing them from using medical marijuana in line with the state statute.” 

Judge Licht is expected to issue his decision on September 25.





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