Seats still available in Grow Class -Tonight

Tonight is an important class and we have openings for tonight and all other classes! Here is the schedule:

May 10       Seed germination, transplanting seedlings, cloning, transplanting clones

May 17       Pests and diseases, prevention, treatment of infected plants

May 24       Vegetative growth, vegetative nutrients, transplanting, topping and training

May 31       Flowering cycle, flowering nutrients, patience

June 7       Harvest, drying, curing

June 14       Making concentrates safely – bubble hash (with ice), butter and tinctures

 You will learn to grow safely and legally. MMj license must be brought to each class with 25 dollar donation.  We suggest registering for all  classes but that is not required. EMAIL: to register, for more info, location, etc.   You can also contact Growin’ Crazy     REGISTER NOW!  


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