RI Court Protects MMj Patient Employees

 Court rules that business violated RI laws by refusing to hire MMj patient.   We Won!!! Some of you may recall when the ACLU filed a law suit on behalf of a MMj patient who was being denied employment because she tested positive for THC in a pre-employment drug screen. That was in 2014. RIPAC alerted the ACLU that many RI employers were not following the RI MMj Act which prohibits employer discrimination against MMj patients.  Our RI MMj ACT specifically prohibits employers from refusing to employ “a person solely for his or her status as a cardholder”.  It was time to stand up and insist that the law be followed. It was difficult to find someone who was willing to sue. Patients looking for jobs were, understandably, not eager to file a law suit . Lucky for us, there was one patient who was willing – Christine Callaghan.  The ACLU took the lead and found a volunteer Attorney, Carly Beauvais Iafrate, to litigate.  She has been litigating this case for three long years. At last, we have a result. And it is the best result.
The defendant company, Darlington Fabrics Company, argued that they didn’t discriminate against Christine because she was a MMj patient, but because she used MMj.  No kidding.  Her attorney argued that “a potential employer’s failure to hire a medical marijuana patient because of, or related to, his or her status as a medical marijuana user and/or cardholder” constitutes disability discrimination in violation of the RI Civil Rights Act, and also violates the medical marijuana law, which protects cardholders from discrimination in employment. Judge Licht agreed.
Attorney Iafrate said:  “This decision sends a strong message that people with disabilities simply cannot be denied equal employment opportunities because of the medication they take.  If employers were permitted to discriminate against those using medical marijuana, then the good work done by those to enact the law will be completely undone. The judge’s decision makes clear that this law is not an empty promise.”  
Many many thanks to the ACLU, Carly Beauvais and Christine Callaghan.  To read the decision:

Important Notice for Smithfield patients and Smithfield and Glocester caregivers

 Smithfield patients and Smithfield and Glocester caregivers are at risk of receiving zoning citations that will result in violations of privacy, shutting down of caregiver gardens, reducing the number of plants (Smithfield patients) to two plants and/or astronomical zoning fines. We are fortunate that we have lawyers who can help you NOW before the towns take action. We are going to be asking the courts to rule these zoning ordinances illegal and we need you to join in. Our lawyers tell us that they can protect your confidentiality in court. Let’s not wait for something to happen. Free legal help is available for you NOW. We are concerned that if you wait until something happens, we might not be able to help you and you will have to pay for a lawyer. We urge you to meet with our lawyers as soon as possible. You will not be obligated, but you should know your options. You can email JoAnne at joanne@RIpatients.org  or call the ACLU directly at 401.831.7171. Confidentiality is assured.

Seats still available in Grow Class -Tonight

Tonight is an important class and we have openings for tonight and all other classes! Here is the schedule:

May 10       Seed germination, transplanting seedlings, cloning, transplanting clones

May 17       Pests and diseases, prevention, treatment of infected plants

May 24       Vegetative growth, vegetative nutrients, transplanting, topping and training

May 31       Flowering cycle, flowering nutrients, patience

June 7       Harvest, drying, curing

June 14       Making concentrates safely – bubble hash (with ice), butter and tinctures

 You will learn to grow safely and legally. MMj license must be brought to each class with 25 dollar donation.  We suggest registering for all  classes but that is not required. EMAIL: joanne@RIpatients.org to register, for more info, location, etc.   You can also contact Growin’ Crazy     REGISTER NOW!