Hearing at State House on Bills to Legalize Cannabis for Adult Use, Double Number of Compassion Centers & more

Hearing was held before the House Committee on Judiciary at 4/11/17  in the House Lounge at the State House. The following bills were  heard:

  • House Bill No. 5555  would establish a system for the regulation and taxation for adult use of cannabis. Would allow adults to grow 1 mature plant and 1 seedling with tags. Tags would cost up to 50 dollars for each plant. Would authorize 4 kinds of cannabis business registrations: at least 25 cultivation facilities, at least 40 retailers, at least 20 processors (permitted to create infused cannabis products such as oils, edibles, and tinctures), and at least 10 testing facilities. Products would be subject to a 23% retail excise tax in addition to the normal 7% sales tax.  MMj Program would continue as is, as its own separate program;
  • House Bill No. 5865 would increase the number of compassion centers from three (3) to six (6) ;
  • House Resolution No. 5551 would create a 15 member commission to review and make recommendations on the effects of legalizing marijuana, and report back to the General Assembly by March 1, 2018;
  • House Bill No. 5103 would make names and addresses of caregivers and cultivators public. This bill is contrary to confidentiality protections and, otherwise does not make sense. It states:  Notwithstanding any confidentiality provisions to the contrary, the names and addresses for person or entity, including state licensed or state registered caregivers or cultivators,  who grow marijuana pursuant the provisions of this chapter for public sale or use shall be public information, subject to release by the department of health. Caregivers do not grow for the public. They can only provide for up to five patients who appoint them through the Health Dept. They do not grow for the public. The addresses of  licensed cultivator grows is already public. Our understanding is that this bill does not have much momentum. We will keep you posted.                                                                                                                                       You can view the hearings on the Capital TV site:  http://ricaptv.discovervideo.com/embedviews/vod?s=1&c=HOUSE%20COMMITTEE%20ON%20JUDICIARY&w=640&h=480





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