Plant Tag Order Forms are Available

Patients and their caregivers can order their plant tags through the DBR (Department of Business Regulation) website:    After completing the forms,  the DBR will verify the information with DoH and then notify the patient or caregiver the amount due for the tags with payment instructions. The process will likely take 3-4 weeks. The tags can later be picked up at DBR in Cranston.

All patients and caregivers are required to have a tag on each plant by April 1. The cost is 25 dollars for each set. A set is two tags, one for a mature plant and one for a seedling. Patients on SSI, SSDI, Medicaid, Railroad Disability and Disabled Veterans will receive free tags. Caregivers growing for patients who qualify for free tags will also receive free tags for those patients. A caregiver must have a minimum of one set of tags for each patient they are growing for.

Before completing the form, caregivers should determine how many plants they will be growing for each patient and know whether or not the patient will qualify for free tags.


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