Regulation for Cultivation Licenses are in Effect

The Department of Business Regulation (DBR) has issued emergency regulations for cultivation licenses. Emergency regulations take effect immediately and do not have wait for a public hearing and comments, although there will eventually be a public hearing on the topic. As of January 1, 2017, caregivers and patients will no longer be able to sell cannabis to the compassion centers. Only those with cultivation licenses will be permitted to sell to them. The new regulations provide qualifications, licensing fees, and other requirements for this new category of licensing. To read them in full click:   .  For more info, the regulations, and the actual application, go to the Department of Business Regulation website, .


Westerly Town Council Passes Ordinance

The Westerly Town Council passed the proposed ordinance. You can read it by clicking:

Middletown is still considering an ordinance but is hiring a consultant to help them understand the MMj Program.

Town Council Hearing in Westerly Tonight, 10/17/16

Westerly is holding another public hearing on an MMj ordinance at 7pm tonight at the town hall. Council members have been working on an ordinance for over a year. RIPAC has been to previous hearings and, with the ACLU, has met with the Council’s MMj working  group. The ordinance that will be heard tonight still has multiple problems. It seems that patients who do not grow by “natural means” would be required to submit to municipal inspections. It appears that all patients who grow in a rental would be required to give notarized proof to the city that they have the landlord’s permission to grow. All caregivers would have to submit to inspections, provide proof of landlord’s permission to grow and could not grow in certain high density residential districts or in residential buildings where there are 3 or more units. Patient and caregiver grows would have requirements such as: the area used for growing has two (2) means of egress,  not be within ten (10) feet of a heating or other ignition source such as an electric, propane, natural gas or oil fired furnace or heater, “proper” ventilation to mitigate risk of mold. Residential co-ops would be banned, non-residential co-ops would have to get special permits (submit to a public hearing).  We do not see how Westerly could protect the confidentiality of cardholders and grow locations if they implement these proposed changes.

There is no mention of cultivation centers in the proposed ordinance.  To read the proposed ordinance:   It is important for Westerly residents  to contact council members today or come to the hearing tonight if you object to the proposed changes.