RI Legislature Has Adjourned for the Year – Results

After an all night session, the General Assembly adjourned for the year on Saturday. Here is where legislation stands:

The Senate easily passed the House Budget with the most recent version of Article 14 subA. The Senate made no additional changes. It will become law after the Governor signs it.  That does not mean that all the new rules will be effective immediately. Plant tags, for example go into effect on April 1, 2017. We will be posting a list of timetables in the next couple of days.

PTSD was passed by the General Assembly. It is expected to become law because the Governor is expected either sign it or take no action. As long as she does not veto, it will become law.

There were a couple of bills considered in the final days that did not pass. One bill would have restricted vaping. That bill passed the House but was not considered by the Senate. Another would have banned vape lounges and put more restrictions on where patients could medicate.  That bill did not make it out of the House Judiciary Committee.



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