RIPAC is very proud to announce that our Grow Classes will begin on June 22.  We could not have a better instructor.  Our classes are offered at a fraction of the cost of other classes in New England. We want to make these classes as accessible as we possibly can to patients and their caregivers who take the classes for all the right reasons.  Our classes are exclusive.  We will not teach you to grow unless you are legal to grow.  We are committed to preserving the integrity of the MMj Program, so you must be a licensed patient or caregiver. This class is not about growing “weed” or “pot”.  It is about growing medicine for qualified patients. Whether you are new to the MMj Program and have never seen a plant or whether you have some experience, please join us.  You will be glad you did. If you are interested in legally growing the highest quality medicine, understanding more about this incredible healing plant, and/or producing safe concentrates, then you should join us in these classes.
Mike, our instructor is the best. Not only is he an amazing grower, he has taught some of the best growers in RI.  Here’s a sample:
“I starting growing because my wife was a MMj patient. She was in the hospital constantly before I learned to produce the strains that she needed. Mike was my teacher. He has an unbelievable ability to explain things. Because of him, my wife has effective medicine and some compassion centers have asked me to grow extra and sell it to them. People consider me an expert . That is because I learned from Mike. He is a real expert who knows how to teach”.        CP, a caregiver from the Providence area.
We offer a series of 8 classes, taking you from setting up a garden and the equipment you need to purchase to the harvest, trimming, and making safe edibles and concentrates. This is a “hands on” course. We won’t just show you photos, we want you to see, feel, and help care for a plant at every stage of growth.

 Classes are on select Wednesday evenings, 7-9pm. Directions to the class will be given upon registration. Below is list of classes, dates and content

June 22    Introduction.  Grow room set up, environment

July 6       Selection of plant containers, mediums, nutrients, water & ph requirements

July 20     Seed germination, transplanting seedlings, cloning, transplanting clones

Aug 3        Pests and diseases, prevention, treatment of infected plants

Aug 17       Vegetative growth, vegetative nutrients, transplanting, topping and training

Aug 31        Flowering cycle, flowering nutrients, patience

Sept. 14      Harvest, drying, curing

Sept 28       Making bubble hash (with ice), butter and tinctures

 MMj license must be brought to each class with 25 dollar donation.  We suggest  registering for all 8 classes but that is not required. Contact for registration and questions.


Meeting Update

REMINDER Johnston meeting  is on TONIGHT  and every last Tuesday of the month at 7pm  at 1192 Plainfield Street at the APWU Hall.  Come tonight and win prizes. Find out the latest State House news and so much more.

Newport on the Harbor Meetings are back!   7pm at Kings Park on the Harbor on the first Tuesday of the month starting June 7. We provide hamburgers for the grill. Please bring a side dish or dessert. Great group of patients and caregivers in a beautiful setting.  Meet at King’s Park on Wellington in sheltered area where the grills are.   Get the latest info and meet supportive new friends in a beautiful environment.

see calendar at www, for updates on meetings

Update on Bills and Governor’s Sick Tax

To date, the only bill concerning the MMj Program that has received a committee vote is the PTSD bill.  This bill, S2115, adds Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to the list of qualifying conditions for patients who are 18 and older. It also expedites applications for patients eligible for hospice care and waives their fees. The Senate Committee on Health and Human Services gave the bill a yes vote last night and we are optimistic about it passing the full Senate. We are hopeful that the House will also pass the bill as it did last year.

You can watch the latest hearing (5/10/16) before the Senate Judiciary Committee. this hearing is on a number of bills, including the bill that would legalize Mj for all adults(not the Governor’s proposal) :  

The Governor is expected to modify her proposal, including the tax on plants but she has yet to put anything in writing. We are expecting some modifications but it does not appear that she has any intention of eliminating the tax on plants and all indications are that she still plans on reducing the plant counts for individual patients and their caregivers  but not co-ops. Her proposal, Article 14, is still in her proposed budget. Negotiations on the budget are happening now.  While many representatives and senators have expressed their disdain for her proposal, they need to convey their opinions to House and Senate leadership. When you talk to your reps and senators, ask them if they have done that.  If you would like to contact leadership directly, call the Speakers office at   401. 222.2426 and the Senate Presidents at 401.222.6655. Remember, the state’s revenues are higher than expected. How is it possible to justify a tax on patients with debilitating medical conditions and those who care for them? That is why it is called the SICK TAX.

Another Senate Hearing Tomorrow

The following bills will be heard before the Senate Committee on Judiciary tomorrow, Tuesday, May 10, at 4pm in Room 313 at the State House

SEEDLING BILL, Senate Bill No. 2113 BY Archambault, Satchell, Goldin, Miller ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO FOOD AND DRUGS — THE EDWARD O. HAWKINS AND THOMAS C. SLATER MEDICAL MARIJUANA ACT  (Allows a primary caregiver cardholder to possess a reasonable amount of unusable marijuana, including up to twelve (12) seedlings that would not be counted toward the limits provided by law.)

ZONING BILL, Senate Bill No. 2227 BY Pagliarini, Algiere, Kettle ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO TOWNS AND CITIES — ZONING ORDINANCES  (Excludes the cultivation or production of marijuana from the definition of “plant agriculture”.)

LEGALIZATION BILL, Senate Bill No. 2420 BY Miller, McCaffrey, Ruggerio, Kettle, Metts ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO FOOD AND DRUGS – TAXATION AND REGULATION OF MARIJUANA  (Removes the state’s prohibition on adults using, possessing, and cultivating marijuana for personal use. Establishes a system of regulated marijuana retail distribution to adults 21 and older and imposes taxes at both the wholesale and retail level

BHO Bill, Senate Bill No. 2545 (Attorney General) BY Ciccone, Algiere, McCaffrey, Walaska, Kettle ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO FOOD AND DRUGS — THE EDWARD O. HAWKINS AND THOMAS C. SLATER MEDICAL MARIJUANA ACT  (Provides that the manufacture of marijuana using a certain process using compressed flammable gas would not be subject to the protections of the medical marijuana statute, excerpt of a compassion center cardholder complies with regulations.)

HEMP Bill, Senate Bill No. 2763 BY Sosnowski, Miller, Pichardo, Walaska, Kettle ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY  (Establishes permit the growth of hemp by properly licensed individuals or entities that have met the requirements of this chapter. Also provides that higher educational institutions could grow hemp for educational and research purposes)

INCREASE NUMBER OF COMPASSION CENTERS, Senate Bill No. 2840 BY Archambault, Ruggerio, Miller, Metts, Nesselbush ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO FOOD AND DRUGS – COMPASSION CENTERS  Increases number of permits for medical marijuana compassion centers from 3 to 6 with certain geographical limitations.

Senate Bill No. 2878 (Attorney General) BY Lombardi, Coyne, Conley, Ciccone, Raptakis ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO FOOD AND DRUGS — UNIFORM CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES ACT  (Adds and includes marijuana concentrates into the definition of marijuana and clarifies the weight equivalent of marijuana and marijuana concentrates)  8 grams of concentrate would equal one ounce of marijuana

Senate Bill No. 2108 BY Ruggerio, McCaffrey, Goodwin, Picard ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO HEALTH AND SAFETY — ELECTRONIC MARIJUANA-DELIVERY SYSTEMS  (Defines and regulates the use of electronic marijuana delivery system products