Reminder – Hearing on MMj Bills Tomorrow

There will be a hearing before the House Committee on Judiciary tomorrow, 4/12/16 at 4pm at the State House room 101. This hearing is NOT about the Governor’s proposal but on the House bills. You will find a list  with descriptions by scrolling down on this website.   If you plan to testify, please be aware that this will be a long hearing that will take place over the course of hours. There is no way to know at present whether a particular bill will be heard at 4pm or at 8pm. It’s a good idea to bring water and a snack. In previous years, we have been there until 11pm.  Please dress appropriately and it’s important to remember that outbursts hurt us. It can be very difficult to sit in silence when a speaker is saying something that we find outrageous and/or false. But yelling out is not permitted and the committee members do not appreciate it. You must wait for your turn to speak. Because it is a long hearing, speakers will likely be limited to a couple of minutes. You can also submit written testimony. You can send it and we will get it to the Committee.    Thank you


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