West Greenwich Hearing Delayed

The legal counsel for West Greenwich told us that, due to a glitch in the advertising for the public hearing, the hearing will be delayed. They expect the hearing to take place on February 10.  The proposed ordinance has also been revised. The most recent version  that we saw does not include the provision regarding co-ops but does include the mandate to control  MMj odors. We will keep you posted.


Hearing on Ordinance in West Greenwich on Wednesday, Jan.6

West Greenwich Town Council will have hearing and may vote on proposed zoning ordinance that would subject non-residential co-ops to a public hearing and restrict them to certain zones within the town.  Names of the members of the co-op would not necessarily be public if they choose to be represented at hearing but the location would be public.  The ordinance would also require all structures “in which medical marijuana is used, cultivated, processed, and/or stored, must provide a proper ventilation system with air filters which will eliminate the odor of marijuana and prevent the migration of smoke into neighboring properties”.

The ordinance would also prohibit vape lounges and restrict any future compassion centers to certain zones within the town.

Hearing will be held at 7pm Wednesday January 6 in Council chambers.



January 3 Marked the 10th Anniversary of RI MMj Program

We have come a long way. Congratulations to all those who helped make it happen.  This Program has helped thousands of RI patients.  It has not only protected patients and caregivers from arrest but has given thousands of patients better health and relief from debilitating symptoms.

While we continue to protect what we have gained and make improvements in this Program, let’s take a moment to appreciate what we have. We live in a state where a qualified patient may grow their own medicine, appoint a caregiver to grow and/or use a compassion center. All options are vital. Let’s work to keep them and improve them.