Local Towns and Cities Looking at Possible Local Restrictions Regarding MMj

West Greenwich  TONIGHT OCTOBER 14 at 7pm  280 Victory Highway,Town Council Chambers.  Item #5 on Council agenda is: 5. DISCUSSION ON FUTURE ADOPTION OF ORDINANCE IN AMENDMENT TO THE ZONING CODE REGARDING MARIJUANA

BRISTOL – Monday Oct 19 at 7PM  Town Council will have a special meeting to discuss proposed ordinance to restrict MMj grows and mj related businesses. This ordinance would prohibit non residential grows and require residential co-ops (two or more cardholders growing together) to get a special permit from the Town. You can read the ordinance:      https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.documentcloud.org/documents/2288381/proposed-bristol-marijuana-ordinance.pdf   

WESTERLY – Monday October 26 at 7pm Town Council Public Hearing on Ordinance that would require inspections of ALL grows, prohibit growing in basements, within 500 feet from churches, schools, day care, and more.  We will provide a more detailed analysis in the next couple of days.


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