Slater PTSD Bill, H5776, Passes House, Please Call

Representative Scott Slater stood up for PTSD patients and refused to subject them to substance abuse evaluations (which could bar patients from Program) and unjustified monitoring for those who could prove they did not abuse “substances”. He stood up for PTSD patients and the House Committee on Judiciary agreed with him and refused to pass the Senate SubA. They passed Rep. Slater’s bill. The entire House agreed when they also passed Rep.Slater’s bill. Some key Senators have said that Rep. Slater’s bill does the “right thing” by giving PTSD patients meaningful access to MMj while expediting applications and waiving fees for hospice patients. Thank you to all who wrote letters and phoned your state reps. Let’s remember that it was Scott Slater’s father, Thomas, who stood up, against all odds, and led the fight to create the MMj Program in 2006. His son, Scott, is carrying on the tradition.

Now that the Slater bill has passed the House, please take a moment to call your State Senator and the Senate President and urge them to pass the House (SLATER) version of the PTSD bill, H.5766. It is time for PTSD patients to have meaningful access to the MMj Program.  The Senate President is Teresa Paiva-Weed  401.222.6655  If you need to know who your state senator is and get their contact info, go to  or call your local town or city hall.

Congratulations to all of you who have testified and called your state reps.  You, along with Rep. Slater, have achieved success for PTSD patients in the House. Now, let’s advocate for the Slater bill in the Senate.


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