AG Introduces New Bill That Would Ban Patients and Caregivers from Making BHO and Regulate Compassion Center Manufacturing of BHO

A bill has been introduced, at the request of the Attorney General, that would make it illegal for patients and caregivers to make BHO (butane hash or honey oil) or use any extraction methods using compressed flammable gas as a solvent.  It would allow the compassion centers to use such solvents for extracting only if they are compliant with Health Department regulations that shall include, but not be limited to, safety checks prior to manufacture, written emergency  procedures, comprehensive training, and certification that the equipment, manufacturing room,  and standard operating procedures are in compliance with all applicable local and state building  codes, fires codes, electrical codes, and any other applicable laws.

The Health Department would have issue these regulations, as none exist at the present time.

A House Bill has not yet been introduced. There is no hearing date scheduled for S0924 but we will keep you posted.