The new legislation that brought us the “co-op law” contained other provisions. One provision, that appeared to be technical in nature, seemed problematic.  RIPAC met with a member of the General Assembly and a representative from the AG’s office to seek clarification. The clarification is shocking and will have an impact on every patient who is also a caregiver. We asked to see the guidelines that are being provided to the police and were permitted to see a grid indicating the limits for a patient who is also a caregiver. The new plant limits for a patient who is also a caregiver for one patient are :  24 mature(flowering) and 12 seedlings(veg). The previous limit was 24 mature (flowering) and 24 seedlings (veg). The plant limits for a patient who is also a caregiver for 2-5 patients is now: 36 mature (flowering) and 12 seedlings (veg). The previous limit was 36 mature (flowering) and 24 seedlings (veg).

RIPAC argued the absurdity of this new limit on seedlings and will work with the Legislature to remedy the problem.  In the meanwhile, it is critical that we alert all patients who are also caregivers as to the new guidelines.  These are the guidelines that have been given to the police.  Anyone with more than 12 seedlings could be subject to arrest. According to the AG’s office, only non-residential co-ops are permitted more than 12 seedlings.

Please help us spread the word.  We will be distributing copies of the new plant limit guidelines that were recently provided to the police.  The plant limit guidelines include the limits for all those growing MMj in RI.   RIPAC will be reproducing the grid and making paper copies available on Monday at the following locations:

Growin’ Crazy, 93 Kingstown Rd., Wyoming, RI

Good to Grow (3 locations)   34 Nooseneck Hill Rd., West Greenwich, RI      300B George Washington Highway, Smithfield, RI.        51 Old Tower Rd. Wakefield, RI.

Know Your Grow, 480 Broadway, Providence, RI

HydroEarth, 1243 Mineral Spring Ave., North Providence.  65 Swansea Mall Drive, Swansea, MA

Home and Hydro, 317 Bald Hill Rd, Warwick, RI

RI Hydroponics, 85 Front St., ,Woonsocket., RI ,   495 Central Ave Seekonk, MA


Caregivers – Let Health Dept. Know if You Have Already Had National Background Check

If you have already completed your National Criminal Records Check (NCRC), make sure you alert the Health Dept. to that fact when you add a new patient or one of your patients renews their MMj card. Ask your patient to enclose a note with their paperwork stating that you already had the NCRC and that the Dept. has the results. This will reduce the possibility that the Dept. returns the application or renewal to your patient because they do not realize that they already have your NCRC. The NCRC is valid for two years.