SATURDAY Oct. 4 Medical Mj Festival in Providence

On Saturday, we are celebrating the 8th year of the RI Medical Marijuana Program with the 2nd annual MMj Festival featuring:
live music, gifts from the best grow shops, latest products at best prices, food provided by Haven Brothers and so much more including:
Free advice from best RI growers, info on grow classes and the new laws. If you have a question about MMj or just want to have fun, you need to be there. Whether you are looking for the best nutrient, trying to understand vaporizers, or are totally confused about how to legally use and/or grow MMj, this event is for you!  Talk to the experts!
The RI MMj Program was created to alleviate suffering. Patients and their caregivers deserve to know their options whether it is a choice of ballasts, strains, hydro vs. soil, compassion centers vs. caregivers or whether to be a co-op or not. RIPAC, the RI Compassion Centers, Caregivers, Grow Shops, Labs, Grow Experts and others are all coming together to present patients and their caregivers with best options.
Find the info you need. Whether you are curious about MMj and wondering if it might help you or someone you love or whether you have been involved with the MMj Program for years, there is something for you!  We welcome you and are here to help.
Patients looking for best access to medicine: Know your options. Hear the latest from the compassion centers. (Summit Compassion Center in Warwick is getting ready to open). All three Compassion Center will be there to talk to you !  Don’t make decisions based on rumors. Ask questions.
Have a look at RIPAC’s  new system for connecting patients to caregivers with references and who have agreed to follow Caregiver Code of Ethics.
Talk to grow experts and electricians about whether it is safe and/or advisable to grow your own medicine.
Caregivers with openings for new patients:
With the new change in laws, many patients are losing their caregivers.  If you are in a position to help, stop by the RIPAC table to get acquainted with RIPAC’s standards for caregivers and learn how to connect with patients.
This event is being sponsored by 1000 Watts Magazine.
Here is a partial list of participants that will be available for you:
Know Your Grow testing lab
Good to Grow
Greenleaf Compassion Center
Summit Compassion Center
Stuff to Puff
GrowRI (Newport)
Buxton Hollow Farms
The Grow Store
Slater Compassion Center
Synthesis Design
Pain Foundation
RI Association of Naturopathic Physicians
Zaps Electrical
and  many more…..
You will not believe the prizes that you can win for just showing up! Someone will win an entire set up to begin growing. Other prizes include everything from vaporizers to gift cards.
When:  THIS SATURDAY – October 4 (rain date  Sun Oct 5)
Time:    11am – 5:30pm
Where:  498 Kinsley Avenue, Providence RI
Admission price:  donation, suggested minimum is $5
Who is invited: Everyone who cares about legal MMj. Open to public.
See you there!