Governor Chafee Signed H7610 SubA

Governor Chafee signed H7610 SubA into law and it will take effect September 1. There has been a great deal of confusion about H7610 and H7610 SubA.  Please remember that the original bill, H7610 was the bill with the 3 plant limit that would count medicine when wet. That bill was successfully defeated. It did NOT pass. H7610 SubA is a substitute bill filed on behalf of the Attorney General that passed in the waning days of the Legislature’s session after the rules were suspended. It DOES NOT AFFECT the plant counts for an individual who is growing on their own even if that individual is both a patient and a caregiver. It will have an impact on anyone who is growing with another person. Two or more people growing together will be considered a “co-op”. They will have new limits on plants and dried cannabis, along with reporting and inspection requirements. Only one co-op is allowed in a “structural building”. There are two different kinds of co-ops with different limits and requirements. This is of immediate concern because co-ops must be compliant by Sept.1.

 residential co-ops:  limit of 24 mature plants, 12 seedlings, and 10 ounces of dried cannibas,  must report location of co-op to the state police, must display an affidavit by a licensed electrician that the cultivation has been inspected and is in  compliance with any applicable state or municipal housing and zoning codes.                                                                                         non-residential co-ops: limit of 48 mature plants, 24 seedlings and 10 ounces of dried cannabis, must report location to state police, must have displayed prominently on the premises documentation from the municipality that the location and the cultivation has been inspected by the municipal building and/or zoning official and the municipal fire department and is in compliance with any applicable state or municipal  housing and zoning codes.

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