Greenleaf Compassion Center Seeks Approval For Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

Greenleaf Compassion Center in Portsmouth RI, is asking approval from the Health Department to offer a delivery service to their registered patients.  If approved, Greenleaf would deliver medicine to their patients throughout RI. Only patients who have appointed Greenleaf as one of their caregivers will be able to use Greenleaf’s services.  Greenleaf proposes to provide daily deliveries in Newport (free delivery) and Bristol ($5 delivery fee) counties. They propose to provide deliveries twice a week to Kent, Providence and Washington counties (delivery charge $10).  Deliveries would be available only for orders of medicine which exceed $100 (excluding sales tax). Payment would have to be by credit card or check. Cash would not be accepted. 

Greenleaf must seek approval from the Health Department because a delivery service was not included in their intitial compassion center application. The Health Department will not hold a hearing but is accepting written comments from the public on Greenleaf’s proposal. Comments should be emailed to Mr. Edward D’Arezzo: edward.d’ by the close of business on Monday, September,16.  Questions should be directed to Mr. D’Arezzo at the above email address or 401.222.1006. Questions may also be directed to RIPAC at or 401.861.1601.


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