The Compassion Center bill, Senate 2555 has been amended to specify the number of plants and limit the amount of usable medicine that a Compassion Center can have at any given time as follows:

  •  No more than one hundred fifty (150) Marijuana plants of which no more than ninety-nine (99) shall be mature plants
  • No more than one thousand five hundred ounces (1500 oz.) of usable Marijuana at any given time

Patients and caregivers will be able to sell excess Medicine to the Compassion Centers. The amended bill is the “compromise bill” that was agreed to by the Governor and House and Senate leadership. The bill was given a unanimous positive vote by the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services. It must be favorably voted on by the full Senate, the House Committee, full House and be signed by the Governor before it becomes law. Right now the outlook for this bill is very positive. To read the text of the bill click here:


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